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Son Ye Jin’s Heartfelt Sharing exuding happiness & radiance as she shared delightful updates about her son.

Son Ye Jin recently charmed fans at an event, exuding happiness and radiance as she shared delightful updates about her son, Baby Alkong. The actress appeared content and glowing, embodying the joy of a fulfilled mother.

During her talk, Son Ye Jin opened up about the transformative experience of marriage and motherhood. She reflected, “Marriage and childbirth are entirely different worlds from the life I knew before. Raising a child for nearly two years has taught me the preciousness of everyday moments and brought immense happiness into my life.”

Son Ye Jin also shared how her perspective on work has evolved since becoming a mother. “Before marriage and childbirth, work was my entire world. I couldn’t separate myself from it. Nowadays, I find happiness in the simplicity of daily life. I feel overjoyed when my child eats just one meal of baby food.”

Fans were thrilled to witness Son Ye Jin’s transition into a loving mother to Baby Alkong. Additionally, she expressed gratitude towards the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival for creating a special exhibition dedicated to her career. “It feels like a chance to properly conclude one chapter and embark on a fresh start,” she said.

Looking ahead, Son Ye Jin revealed her openness to new possibilities in her career. “I don’t want to set any more limits for myself. When I was inexperienced, I played various roles like a divorced woman, a mother, and even a wife with two husbands. Now, even if I were to film the same movies, I believe I would approach them differently.”

Son Ye Jin’s heartfelt revelations resonated with fans, showcasing her growth and the profound joy she finds in motherhood and everyday life.

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