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Son Ye Jin’s revealed her heart’s desire on her and Hyun Bin’s 2nd anniversary.


As the second anniversary of the beloved Binjin couple, comprising Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, approaches in just five days, fans are buzzing with excitement. Son Ye Jin, who once expressed her desire for a family of her own, now revels in the joy of having a loving husband and a handsome son.

In recent interviews, Son Ye Jin couldn’t help but gush over her family, particularly her son, whom she proudly claims bears a striking resemblance to her. With the anniversary looming, fans speculate about what more the actress could wish for.

In one interview, Son Ye Jin shared her aspiration of expanding her family further. Having already welcomed baby Alkong, she expressed her desire for more children, possibly even dreaming of a baby girl. This sentiment has warmed the hearts of her fans, who eagerly anticipate any news of a new addition to the family.

Reflecting on the challenges and rewards of parenthood, Son Ye Jin emphasized the unparalleled happiness derived from her son’s presence. Despite the difficulties, she finds solace in the bond shared with her husband, Hyun Bin, stressing the importance of effective communication in navigating parenthood together.

Hyun Bin, known for his caring and devoted nature, is deeply involved in parenting their son, ensuring his happiness and safety at all times. The couple prioritizes giving their son a normal childhood, often seen enjoying leisurely strolls in parks with their beloved pet.

As they prepare to celebrate their anniversary, the Binjin couple remains grateful for the joy their son has brought into their lives. With Hyun Bin’s unwavering support and Son Ye Jin’s nurturing nature, their family continues to thrive, spreading happiness to all who follow their journey.



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