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Song Hye Kyo sweetly takes charge of her ex-husband’s top friend.

Recently, when they saw Song Hye Kyo sweetly taking care of Yoo Ah In, who used be a close friend of his ex-husband Song Joong Ki, Netizens kept talking as they were concerned that there was something off regarding the relationship. They’re not only sisters. In particular, she brought an espresso truck to the set to show support for Yoo Ah In’s spirits as filming his new film. Not only this, Song Hye Kyo also left a message for Yoo Ah In: “Hope everyone take care. Make sure you take care of Yooh Ah In. Seoul Vibe actors and staff fighting.”hình ảnh

Particularly because Song Hye Kyo divorced Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In renounced his long-standing relationship together with Song Joong Ki to side with Song Hye Kyo, this unanticipated outcome has made them even more suspect. more doubtful.hình ảnh

In the event that Song Hye Kyo just lovingly cares for her ex-husband’s friend’s best friend by sending the coffee truck to help her, it’s not enough to make people believe that she is. But, this pair of sisters who have a five-year age gap is more intimate than an intimate couple, and their relationship is what draws interest. In every photo taken together Yoo Ah In always leans on his shoulders, and holds Song Hye Kyo tightly, even the way they greet each other reveals that they are very close.hình ảnh

Yoo Ah In used to be close to Song Joong Ki for many years, however, when Song Hye Kyo got divorced Yoo Ah In resisted all his closest friends when they were at events. Although rumors suggested and suspected of having been in secret relationships numerous times but the sisters always denied it. They did not pay any attention to the gossip and only once did they speak up to clarify the situation.

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