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Song Joong-ki Spotted In Public With Wife & Son, Requests ‘No Photos’ to Protect Family Privacy.

Renowned South Korean actor Song Joong-ki was recently seen enjoying a serene day out with his family in a Korean park. According to a report by China Times on May 18th, a Chinese fan encountered the actor and his wife, British actress Katy Louise Saunders, during their family outing. The couple, dressed in simple attire, strolled through the park affectionately, accompanied by their infant son.

The fan recounted that Song Joong-ki was warmly recognized by many park-goers who requested photos with the star. True to his friendly reputation, he greeted everyone with a bright smile. However, the atmosphere shifted when some fans aimed their cameras at his wife and child. Demonstrating his protective instincts, Song Joong-ki quickly covered the camera lenses with his hand and calmly requested that people refrain from taking photos or videos of his family. “He takes good care of his family and tries to protect the private life of his wife and son,” shared the fan.

Song Joong-ki and Katy Louise Saunders tied the knot in early 2024, following a three-year courtship. Their relationship became public knowledge when Song Joong-ki shared the news of their marriage and impending parenthood. In June 2023, the couple welcomed their first child in Rome, Italy.

In an interview, Song Joong-ki expressed immense joy in finding a life partner in Katy. He praised her as “a wise and admirable person,” adding that her presence has made him a better person. Since their son’s birth, the actor has been vigilant about maintaining the child’s privacy, releasing only a single photo of the baby’s tiny hand. At a March event, Song Joong-ki gushed about his son, saying, “I’m going crazy because of my son’s prettiness and cuteness.”

Recently, at the Baeksang Arts Awards, Song Joong-ki made headlines with his playful cheek heart pose on the red carpet, a move that drew mixed reactions given his previous comments dismissing the pose as boring. Additionally, his awkward demeanor upon seeing his ex-wife, Song Hye-kyo, on stage sparked further discussion.

Song Joong-ki has faced scrutiny from netizens over past controversies, including his demeanor, his interactions with co-stars Jeon Yeo-bin and Kim Tae-ri during his relationship with Katy, and misunderstandings involving his ex-wife, Song Hye-kyo, and fellow actor Park Bo-gum. Some critics have also accused him of attributing career challenges to his marriage and fatherhood.

Despite the public scrutiny, Song Joong-ki remains focused on his family, striving to shield them from the limelight and maintain their privacy. His actions in the park underscore his commitment to protecting his loved ones and ensuring they can enjoy a normal life away from the public eye.

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