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Song Seon-mi surprised fans with unexpected news as she disclosed her departure from her long-time agency

Renowned actress Song Seon-mi surprised fans with unexpected news as she disclosed her departure from her long-time agency, opting to pursue her career independently.

On March 31st, Song Seon-mi took to her personal social media accounts to share insights into her recent decision, accompanied by personal photos and updates. She revealed, “After bidding farewell to my longstanding agency, I embarked on a journey of self-reliance since last year.” Reflecting on this significant transition, she expressed her determination, stating, “I’ve taken the leap.”

In her heartfelt message, shared across both her personal and official social media platforms, Song Seon-mi extended her gratitude to her supporters and appealed for their continued encouragement. She emphasized, “Your interest and support mean everything to me.”

The actress’s journey has not been without its challenges, notably marked by personal tragedy. Following the sudden loss of her husband, Song Seon-mi delivered a poignant tribute during her acceptance speech at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards. Through tears, she conveyed her enduring love and longing for her late husband, expressing a fervent hope for justice.

Despite facing adversity, Song Seon-mi has remained steadfast in her pursuit of excellence in the entertainment industry. Her notable performances in acclaimed dramas such as ‘Blockman’, ‘Private Life’, and ‘Start-up’, as well as notable films like ‘Riverside Hotel’ and ‘The Woman Who Ran’, have garnered widespread acclaim and support from audiences.

In her latest endeavor to connect with fans on a deeper level, Song Seon-mi unveiled her new official Instagram account, aiming to provide glimpses into both her personal and professional life. She affirmed her commitment to showcasing the multifaceted aspects of her identity, both as an individual and as a dedicated actress.

As Song Seon-mi embarks on this new chapter of her career, her unwavering determination and resilience continue to inspire fans worldwide. With anticipation and support, audiences eagerly await her future endeavors, confident in her ability to captivate hearts with her talent and charisma.

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