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Spoiler “Now We Are Breaking Up” Episode 11, Full Love, Will Young Eun Give Up?

The love story of Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) was not as easy as imagined.
These two people are determined to fight together to maintain their love. But they have to go through obstacles after obstacles.
In episode 10, Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk have met their respective parents asking for their blessing.But unfortunately, it seems that 2 families are reluctant to give their blessing to Jae Guk and Young Eun’s relationship, which is considered unusual.
The reason is that Young Eun’s past, who had been dating Soo Wan (Jae Guk’s older brother), was considered abnormal if Young Eun returned to knitting a relationship with her sister (Jae Guk).
However, these two people in love are determined not to give up even though their parents’ approval has not been obtained.
In the spoiler of episode 11, Jae Guk’s mother did not remain silent. He continues to intimidate Young Eun to stay away from his son.
On the other hand, Young Eun’s mother also did the same thing to Jae Guk.
Their relationship is getting more complicated. Plus, Shin Yoo Jung (Soo Wan’s fiancĂ©) doesn’t accept Jae Guk and Young Eun’s relationship.
Meanwhile, Director Hwang finds out that his best friend Mi Sook’s husband is an affair. He immediately typed a message telling one of his friends.
Besides that, the competition in the fashion world is getting more challenging, and Ha Young Eun has to work hard to maintain Sono (the clothing brand she holds).
Will Young Eun be able to survive through all odds?

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