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Suzy Opens Up About Collaboration with Park Bo Gum: “I Cherish the Beautiful Memories”.

The upcoming film “Wonderland” presents a compelling narrative about reconnecting with deceased loved ones through an advanced AI-powered video calling service. The film stars Suzy as Jeong In, who uses Wonderland to revive her boyfriend Tae Joo, played by Park Bo Gum, after he is left comatose following an accident.

As the release date approaches, the on-screen chemistry between Suzy and Park Bo Gum has garnered significant attention. At a press conference held on May 31 in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Park Bo Gum expressed his delight in working alongside Suzy. He shared, “I had an enjoyable time collaborating with Suzy. While reading the script from Jeong In and Tae Joo’s perspectives, we often contemplated their story and how they expressed their feelings for each other.”

Suzy echoed this sentiment, highlighting the memorable experiences during filming. “We used numerous props and revisited the script frequently to convincingly portray Jeong In and Tae Joo as long-time lovers. As we continued working together, our chemistry naturally improved.”

In the film, Park Bo Gum’s character shifts between his real self and an AI version created by Jeong In. He described the experience as not particularly challenging but rather intriguing. “Wonderland is an ideal, unfamiliar world. The AI version of Tae Joo is brighter and healthier, shaped by Jeong In’s desires to see the best in him.”

Suzy emphasized the unique aspects of Tae Joo’s character, particularly in their interactions. “I aimed to depict the moments where communication faltered, capturing the strangeness of conversations between humans.”
Both actors reflected on the implications of a real-life Wonderland service. Park Bo Gum admitted his initial interest but ultimately felt apprehensive. “I would want to use it healthily, like Harry (Jung Yu Mi), but I fear I might become too engrossed in it.”

Conversely, Suzy expressed a different viewpoint. “It might be challenging to control, but I believe I could manage it, much like Jeong In. I’m curious about what it would be like if I were in the industry, though I’m uncertain how others would perceive me.”
Park Bo Gum concluded by noting the rapid advancements in AI technology. “This film prompts viewers to consider how they might be affected by such technology or adapt to it healthily. I hope it offers meaningful solace.”

“Wonderland” is set to premiere on June 5 in South Korea. The release date for Vietnam has yet to be announced. This film promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of love, loss, and the possibilities of AI, offering audiences a unique blend of emotion and futuristic imagination.

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