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The fans were extremely surprised by Son Ye Jin’s incredibly smart answer during the interview.

The anticipation surrounding Son Ye Jin has been palpable in recent days, especially with the commencement of BiFan 2024, a ten-day event filled with exciting activities, including a red carpet ribbon-cutting ceremony and the much-awaited MEGA TALK session with the beloved actress.

Son Ye Jin, an icon in the film industry, participated in a special exhibition showcasing her illustrious 24-year career. The MEGA TALK session provided fans with an extraordinary opportunity to ask her personal and thrilling questions, gaining insights into her private life and thoughts.

One of the most intriguing moments came when Son Ye Jin was asked about what made her fall in love with Hyun Bin. Answering with sincerity, she shared, “Many people start dating and get married; that’s what happened to us too. I guess you can call it destiny. People keep saying we look alike, and while I never thought so, I figured if the vibes are similar, there must be something to it.” She continued, “We did two projects together, and I was drawn to his personality. He feels like someone from the past, a scholar—honest, rational, straightforward, and unpretentious. Plus, he’s handsome and tall. These qualities made me fall in love with him.”

The second question delved into her life changes after becoming a mother. Reflecting on her new role, Son Ye Jin said, “It took some time. It was challenging, like learning something entirely new. Just as I had to learn how to be an actress, I now have to learn how to be a good mom. I want to do well, but motherhood is a journey you navigate largely on your own. Despite the difficulties, I feel I’m living my life sincerely, and that’s what matters.”

These heartfelt answers provided fans with a deeper understanding of Son Ye Jin’s personal journey and the profound changes in her life. The MEGA TALK session was not just an opportunity to interact with the star but also a chance to witness her genuine and heartfelt responses.

As BiFan 2024 continues, the excitement and admiration for Son Ye Jin only grow stronger, proving once again that she is indeed an actress for keeps.

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