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5 Reasons why “The Red Sleeve” is captivating viewers

1. The captivating story

“The Red Sleeve” pulled viewers from the very beginning by putting a fresh twist on the real-life story of historical figures like King Jeongjo 22, who was the ruler 22nd of the Joseon family (born under the name of Yi San), and the royal concubine Ui of the Seong clan (Seong Deok Im). The first episode featured the brief encounter of Seong Deok Im and Yi San, a young Yi San and young Seong Deok Im, as well as the stress Yi San had to endure as the daughter of the Crown Prince Sado (Do Sang Woo) and the grandson to King Yeongjo (Lee Deok Hwa). Seong Deok Im was a young man who was able to comfort the troubled younger Yi San and marked the beginning of a fated love affair that would develop in the coming years. In the second episode Yi San and Seong Deok Im were reunited as adult friends, then Yi San began to interact with Seong Deok Im while hiding his position as the oldest Son of the Crown Prince.

2. Lee Junho and Lee Se Young’s acting and the chemistry

Lee Junho and Lee Se Young have caught the public’s attention with their performances which is typical of a drama set in the past. Lee Junho is capturing hearts by his attractive appearance, smooth voice and clear diction. Lee Se Young impresses with her gorgeous appearance and multi-faceted acting skills. They enjoy a fun, youthful bond in the midst of little disputes however, when they express their feelings and feelings with each the other they create an atmosphere of romance. Episode 2 concluded with the tension of romance that left viewers wondering about how their relationship and the plot will play out.

3. A strong supporting cast

The strong acting of actor Kang Hoon (playing Hong Deok Ro), Lee Deok Hwa, Park Ji Young (playing Chief Court Lady) along with Jang Hee Jin (playing Queen Jeongsun) also got positive reviews. Kang Hoon frightened viewers with his occasional cold eyes that he concealed behind his glowing face, and Lee Deok Hwa made people take a breath with his captivating presence. Park Ji Young and Jang Hee Jin were also able to add additional energy and excitement to the show with their presence.

4. The visual art

Since this is the MBC’s first historical show in over two years The art directors have gone all-out to create “The Red Sleeve.” The vibrant and sophisticated costumes are made using top quality fabrics, and the lush textures highlight the elegance of the Hanbok. The high-wedged caps that represent the late Joseon period and the braided hairstyles worn for court girls, as well as other elements of the costumes and props appeal to the those who love historical dramas. Scenes like those of the ladies’ court celebration in the second episode are providing visually stimulating entertainment thanks to their gorgeous costume, art and hair.

5. The rich music

After the drama’s airings online, people took to the internet to thank the director of music. The music director No Hyung Woo, who has worked on music for numerous dramas and films, composed the extravagant music with many orchestra musicians. Viewers have shared that the harmonious blend of elements from the past and present in the music has amplified the film’s tender emotions.

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