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The reason why Song Hye Kyo is still in the top of the highest paid actors in Korea

On film forums, many viewers reacted harshly to Song Hye Kyo’s one-color acting, “10 roles as one”. Throughout her projects, which span up to 20 years, Song Hye Kyo shows no sign of change, maturity, or emotional maturity. However, on the salary chart of All Year Live on KBS 2TV recently announced (in September), Song Hye Kyo is still in the top of the highest-paid actors in Korea. Accordingly, Song Hye Kyo is currently being paid a salary of about 60 million won for an episode, when participating in the project “Descendants of the Sun”. Her Instagram advertising cost is 500 million won per post. Her advertising fee falls at 900 million won.

Why is her acting poor, but Song Hye Kyo is always sought after and paid a “huge” salary?

More beautiful than people

Song Hye Kyo possesses a pure and pure beauty, voted as the “national treasure of beauty” of the Korean screen. In the midst of the forest of beauties with plastic surgery and beauty correction, Song Hye Kyo’s natural beauty becomes even more precious and rare. In many movies, Song Hye Kyo confidently wears bare face, light makeup, still exudes elegant beauty. Because of this timeless beauty, Song Hye Kyo always has a special position in the Korean entertainment world. And reality proves, participating in any film project, she also makes the male lead “strange”.

Attraction from private life
The name Song Hye Kyo has never ceased to be hot when constantly entangled in dating news, love with a series of the most expensive male stars in Korea. Famous from the film projects leading the Hallyu wave such as “First Love”, “Autumn in My Heart”… However, in the media, Song Hye Kyo has never received any praise for her acting. , information about her only revolves around dating suspicions with the male actors starring in the same project.
When “Autumn in My Heart” caused a storm throughout Asia, it was also the time when information appeared that Song Hye Kyo was dating the male lead Song Seung Hun. The story has not yet cooled, information about the secret love between Song Hye Kyo and actor Kim Min Jong has spread, they met on the set of “Guardian Angel”. At that time, Song Hye Kyo was just emerging, Kim Min Jong was a veteran star of the Korean screen with a series of notable films. They dated secretly but still enough to become the focus of public attention.

After breaking up with Kim Min Jong, Song Hye Kyo continued to have a love affair with powerful actor Lee Byung Hun. This love affair consumes a lot of paper and ink in the Korean media. When Song Hye Kyo publicly dated, Lee Byung Hun was the most expensive actor in Korea. He is always on the list of talented male actors, excellent acting, fame far beyond the Korean border. Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun fell in love in the center of attention, and broke up also in the noisy public. All speculations are focused on Lee Byung Hun’s flirtatious habits.
In 2008, Song Hye Kyo dated Hyun Bin after collaborating in the movie “The World We Live in”. Hyun Bin is a bright actor with an outstandingly handsome appearance, the love of Kyo and Hyun Bin immediately became the focus of attention.
Just like that, by continuous love affairs with famous, famous, talented, private and famous actors, Song Hye Kyo has never cooled down in the Korean media.
The culmination of the wedding of the century and the quick divorce with actor Song Joong Ki, once again, this noisy parting made the name Song Hye Kyo more attractive than ever.

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