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A hit of Blackpink consecutively set a record, surpassing BTS, TWICE.

Recently, Blackpink’s management company YG Entertainment announced that Blackpink’s dance MV for the hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU” has surpassed 400 million views on YouTube.
This is an admirable achievement because it does not come from the group’s official MV but from a by-product in this billion-view hit.
It is known that DDU-DU DDU-DU is the title track of Blackpink’s first mini album “SQUARE UP”. This is the most viewed Kpop MV in the year of its release.
In addition, when this hit was released, fans and critics gave “winged” words to the Blackpink girls.
Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when DDU-DU DDU-DU continuously achieved achievements in Korea and internationally. Specifically, right after its release, the song ranked 40th and 55th on Billboard 200 and Hot 100, the highest achievement in the history of Kpop girl groups at that time. The hit also earned the title of “Perfect All Kill” on Korean music charts.
In addition, with 400 million views for a hit song, Blackpink surpassed TWICE and BTS in this achievement. However, this is still not the song with the highest-viewed dance MV of Blackpink, but before that, they owned the choreography MV for the hit How You Like That which reached nearly 800 million views and was holding the best Kpop group. The dance MV has the highest views.
In addition, DDU-DU DDU-DU also has huge views. Specifically, the MV reached 1.65 billion views on YouTube and helped Blackpink beat BTS and TWICE to win the title of the group with the highest-viewed Kpop MV.

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