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Top 13 Korean stars with the most ‘big’ advertising salaries: Song Hye Kyo is only ranked 12th

1. Topping the list is the global group BTS. With a 1-year contract, brands have to pay 7 boys 5 billion won for an advertisement. The group’s annual advertising expenditure is estimated at 62 billion won. According to The Korea Times, McDonald’s is the business that benefits the most from the BTS effect. It is estimated that the group received a huge amount of 10 billion won when promoting this brand. In particular, BTS actively proposed to reduce the salary by 20% depending on the contract during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic.
2. With an income of 30 billion won a year and 1 billion won for an advertisement, Kim Soo Hyun ranked second. Not long ago, the actor topped the ranking of the highest paid Korean actor.
3. Jun Ji Hyun put his name on the list of celebrities with “huge” income with 1 billion won for an advertisement, a year’s cost of receiving up to 20 billion won.
4. Ranked 4th is Gong Yoo. The actor earns 17.2 billion won a year from advertising, a contract receives 700 million won. Gong Yoo is a famous actor with hit series like Goblin, Train To Busan, …
5. Son Heung Min is the only football player in this list. The star on the payroll of Tottenham Hotspur Club received 15.6 billion won for advertising with 600 million won / 1 contract.
6. Total advertising income of 8.5 billion won a year, 500 million won / 1 contract, Park Bo Gum’s fortune makes many people jealous. The actor is a familiar face of Korean cinema, he is recognized for his various roles in movies and television, notably such as Hello Monster, Reply, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, etc.
7. Park Seo Joon earns 700 million won / 1 advertisement, the total annual income is estimated at 7 billion won. The actor is on the way to affirm his position as the top actor in Korea. Most recently, he will conquer Hollywood with roles for the Marvel series.
8. Female idol Hyeri surprised to be on this list. Outstanding as both an idol and an actress, Hyeri earns 6 billion won a year through advertising, 200 million won is the cost of a contract if she is a representative.
9. Male beauty Jung Hae In entered the top 10 with 600 million won / 1 advertisement, his annual income is 5.6 billion won. Hae In is currently one of the most sought-after male leads in the Korean entertainment industry. His name is associated with many films such as: Reply 1988, When She Sleeps, Beautiful Sister Buys Me Delicious Rice, …
10. Actor Jo Jung Suk ranked 10th with a total annual income from advertising of 5.5 billion won, a contract of up to 500 million won. He is making a splash when starring in the medical drama Hospital Playlist. The actor was called the “romantic comedy king” by the audience, once ranked second in the poll “Best Actor” in 2019 organized by Mydaily.
11. Lim Young Woong – a male singer of the trot music genre that is very popular in Korea, has an annual advertising cost of 5.4 billion won, 300 million won / 1 contract.
12. Song Hye Kyo modestly ranked 12th. According to TMI News, the “Descendants of the Sun” actress has an advertising income of 3.6 billion won a year. However, brands have to pay 900 million won for a contract to receive the nod of a beauty surnamed Song.
13. In the last place is Lee Kwang Soo – the most famous star of Running Man for a while. Lee Kwang Soo earned 2.8 billion won from advertising. Each of his contracts ranges from 200 million won to 1 billion won.

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