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A New Spy Romance Drama Starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kang Dong Won set to premiere in 2025.

Fans of K-drama, prepare yourselves for an exhilarating journey into the world of espionage and romance with the upcoming Disney+ original series “Tempest,” set to premiere in 2025. This highly anticipated drama marks the return of beloved actors Jun Ji Hyun and Kang Dong Won to the small screen, promising an intense and captivating narrative.

“Tempest” unfolds the story of Moon Ju, played by Jun Ji Hyun, a diplomat with an illustrious career as a former ambassador to the United States. Moon Ju is a character renowned for her sharp intellect and decisive actions, which have earned her significant trust and respect on the international stage.

Her life takes a dramatic turn when she uncovers a political conspiracy linking North and South Korea to a shocking assassination. Determined to unveil the truth, Moon Ju partners with the enigmatic San Ho, portrayed by Kang Dong Won.

Kang Dong Won’s character, San Ho, is shrouded in mystery. A former top-tier international mercenary, his nationality and past are concealed, adding layers of intrigue to his persona. This role not only marks Kang Dong Won’s return to television dramas after two decades, since his last series “Magic” in 2004, but he also steps into the role of a producer for the project, bringing a unique depth to his involvement in “Tempest.”

Joining them is the talented Oh Jung Se, adding further depth to the already stellar cast. Oh Jung Se’s inclusion promises to enrich the storyline with his versatile acting prowess, further heightening the anticipation for the drama.

The creative force behind “Tempest” is equally impressive. The drama is penned by acclaimed screenwriter Jung Seo Kyung and directed by Kim Hee Won. This dynamic duo previously collaborated on the hit series “Little Women.” Jung Seo Kyung is celebrated for her work on critically acclaimed projects such as “The Handmaiden,” “Mother,” and “Decision to Leave.” Meanwhile, Kim Hee Won has directed some of the most popular dramas, including “The Crowned Clown,” “Crash Landing on You,” and “Vincenzo.”

With such a powerful combination of a compelling storyline, an outstanding cast, and a renowned creative team, “Tempest” is poised to be a must-watch drama that will captivate audiences worldwide. As we eagerly await its premiere, the promise of a thrilling spy romance packed with political intrigue, mystery, and stellar performances is sure to make “Tempest” a standout hit on Disney+.

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