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Song Hye Kyo’s candid revelations in the interview highlight her dedication to her craft.

Recently, Harper’s Bazaar Korea released an interview video with actress Song Hye Kyo on their official YouTube channel, providing fans with a glimpse into her personal and professional life.

In the interview, Song Hye Kyo discussed her current project: “I am currently filming a movie called *Dark Nuns* (directed by Kwon Hyuk Jae) alongside Jeon Yeo Been. This is my first time working in the mystery genre, which has been quite challenging, but I am putting in a lot of effort.”

*Dark Nuns* is the sequel to the acclaimed 2015 film *The Priests* and tells the story of nuns trying to save a boy possessed by an evil spirit. The film features a star-studded cast including Jeon Yeo Been, Lee Jin Wook, Heo Joon Ho, and Moon Woo Jin.

Following the success of *The Glory* last year, Song Hye Kyo expressed her excitement about exploring new genres: “I am very happy to try genres that I haven’t tackled before, including *The Glory* last year and *Dark Nuns* this year. Having experienced many serious roles, I also want to try my hand at comedy.”

When asked about her criteria for choosing scripts, Song Hye Kyo explained: “When I was younger, I thought the script had to be interesting. But now, no matter how interesting the script is, the people who create it are very important. The work changes depending on their personalities. I believe I will look for directors and producers who can make my character shine even more.”

The actress, born in 1981, also shared insights into her personality: “Only those who are really close to me know my true character. I feel that I am quite ordinary, but my close friends say I appear very funny.”

When asked to identify her three strengths, she mentioned: “I always try to think positively, I get along well with people, and I live with a grateful heart.”

In a previous interview published by Harper’s Bazaar, Song Hye Kyo admitted that she does not feel pressured by aging. She views it as a natural part of life.

Having been active as an actress for nearly 30 years, Song Hye Kyo has achieved numerous accolades but still strives for improvement. She reflected: “I am also surprised that I am still acting. I am very grateful to have lasted this long in the industry. And I don’t think I could have received such love from the public at my age just because of my looks. That’s why I have to work harder in my acting.

As I grow older, if I act carelessly and show signs of decline, people will no longer love me. As I age, my desire to deliver deeper performances increases. Perhaps this desire to improve is not for anyone else but for myself.”

Song Hye Kyo’s candid revelations in the interview highlight her dedication to her craft, her evolving perspective on her career, and her appreciation for the support she has received throughout her journey. Her willingness to embrace new challenges and her reflective approach to her work continue to endear her to fans worldwide.

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