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BTS surpassed aespa and Lim Young Woong to take the top 1 place

Today, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the results of the brand value rankings for all singers active in Korea.
The rankings were determined through the collection and analysis of 145,185,245 pieces of data from boy and girl groups and solo idols, indie solo singers, hip hop, trot, and more.
Criteria for review are based on participation frequency, media coverage, interactivity and community index.
In it, BTS firmly holds the first place on the list with a brand reputation index of 13,919,443, marking a 7.57% increase in their score since June.
Lim Young Woong also maintained his position at No. 2 in July with a brand reputation index of 11,626,270, marking a 16.09% increase in the male star’s score since last month.
aespa also holds the 3rd place in this month’s rankings, scoring a brand reputation index of 6,373,217.
Brave Girls named at 4th place in the month’s ranking with a brand index of 5,977,527. The group’s charm is explained by the impressive comeback with the 5th mini-album – “Summer Queen” and the title song “Chi Mat Ba Ram” in June.
Lee Chan Won caught attention when surpassing Big Mama, IU, and Blackpink when taking the 5th position of the month with a brand index of 5,675,182.

Specifically, the top 20 outstanding artists in July include:

1. BTS.
2. Im Young Woong.
3. aespa.
4. Brave Girls.
5. Lee Chan Won.
6. Big Mama.
7. IU.
8. Blackpink.
9. Joy (Red Velvet).
10. NCT.
11. EXO.
12. Young Tak.
14. Lee Moo Jin.
16. Wonstein.
17. TWICE.
18. SG Wannabe.
19. Na Hoon Ah.
20. Oh My Girl.

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