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BLACKPINK overtakes Maroon 5 to become the group with the most views on YouTube, until BTS runs long to keep up

According to the latest YouTube data, BLACKPINK’s channel has achieved 18,655,670,612 views, surpassing the figure of 18,655,350,806 of the world-famous group Maroon 5.

With this great achievement, 4 YG girls have become become the group that owns the most viewed YouTube channel in the world. This is a huge number beyond imagination compared to a group that has been active for nearly 5 years like BLACKPINK. Through this achievement, it can be seen that the 4 YG girls are increasingly proving their talent and attraction to fans, and also creating a solid foothold on the music race both domestically and internationally. world.

Even this achievement of BLACKPINK surpasses even the strongest domestic competitor now, BTS, when the YouTube channel BANGTANTV was established in 2012 of these 7 boys with a total of 11,539,979,622 views.

In addition, BLACKPINK’s Youtube channel has reached more than 63.3 million subscribers. This is also the highest achievement for a female artist in terms of the number of subscribers at the moment. Surely BLINK will be extremely proud of their idol for trying so hard, right?

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