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Comedian Heo Kyung-hwan Clarifies Innocence Amidst Kim Ho-joong’s Drunken Hit-and-Run Scandal.

In a recent scandal involving singer Kim Ho-joong, who is accused of a drunken hit-and-run, comedian Heo Kyung-hwan has clarified his innocence amidst swirling speculations. The incident, which occurred on May 9th in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, has sparked significant public interest and online debates.

Heo Kyung-hwan took to social media on the 19th to address the rumors linking him to the incident. He stated, “It’s not me. Thank you everyone for your concern. May is family month,” and shared a photo taken with his family at 8:44 pm on the day of the accident. This photo serves as an alibi, proving that he was with his family when the accident occurred.

Speculations began when it was reported that Kim Ho-joong had a drinking party with a famous comedian before the accident. Heo Kyung-hwan, being in the same agency as Kim Ho-joong, was mistakenly implicated by netizens. To clear his name, Heo revealed the timestamped family photo and reiterated that he was not present at the drinking party.

Kim Ho-joong is accused of fleeing the scene after causing an accident at 11:40 pm on May 9th, where he hit a taxi. Initially, his manager falsely confessed to driving the car, but Kim later admitted to being the driver 17 hours after the incident. The police, having conducted a urine analysis, confirmed that Kim had consumed alcohol prior to the accident.

On the day of the incident, Kim Ho-joong and his group, including a famous rapper-turned-singer, visited a restaurant and an entertainment bar, consuming a significant amount of alcohol. Statements from bar staff and those present at the party indicated that Kim was drinking before the accident. Kim allegedly left the bar around 10:50 pm, called a substitute driver to return home, and subsequently drove his vehicle again, leading to the accident.

Despite the controversy, Kim Ho-joong proceeded with his scheduled concert on May 18th, drawing further criticism from the public. The police continue to investigate the details surrounding the incident and the involvement of others present at the drinking party.

This case highlights the importance of responsible behavior, especially for public figures, and the swift action taken by individuals like Heo Kyung-hwan to clear up misunderstandings amidst public scrutiny.

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