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Han So Hee Defies Public Criticism: Slammed for “Unrefined” Tattoos.

On the afternoon of June 7th, actress Han So Hee stunned the public with a series of photos showcasing her body covered in tattoos. The photos quickly garnered nearly one million likes, but they also ignited a heated debate. These tattoos, however, are temporary, as Han So Hee has been seen at recent events with her usual flawless, fair skin.

The actress faced criticism for seemingly defying public opinion, especially since she had revealed a tattoo at a Dior event on May 29th, which did not receive much praise. Many critics felt that the large tattoo made her appear less elegant and out of place among the sophisticated female guests at the high-end brand’s event. Despite the criticism, Han So Hee’s new photos suggest that negative feedback does not faze her.

This is not the first time Han So Hee has become the center of discussion for displaying tattoos in public. Last July, the “The World of the Married” star was seen at a Korean airport flaunting a series of tattoos stretching from her chest to both arms. However, many people speculated that these tattoos were only temporary.

Han So Hee has faced controversy before, with netizens digging up old photos showing the actress with several large tattoos before her official acting debut. Responding to the buzz, the actress born in the 1990s remarked, “Yes, that was me in the past, or rather a few years ago. Calling it the ‘past’ makes it sound so grand. It’s strange that people can accept male actors smoking and having tattoos, but not female actors. But living in this industry, we have to perfect ourselves from the criticisms, and I think I’ve done that.”

Han So Hee’s bold expression and unapologetic attitude continue to challenge societal norms and spark conversations about gender and personal freedom in the entertainment industry.

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