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Han So-hee Takes Shots at Hyeri Over ‘Transit Love’ While Ryu Jun-yeol Keeps Mum, Public Grows Weary.


In the whirlwind of celebrity gossip, the spotlight has recently shone brightly on Han So-hee, labeled as the ‘runaway’, and Ryu Jun-yeol, dubbed the ‘silent’ figure, leaving the public feeling weary.

Han So-hee, on her 29th birthday, made headlines by deleting a post where she vented about her past relationship, particularly addressing her ‘transit love’ with Hyeri. Despite her efforts to retract her words, the damage had been done as her sentiments had already circulated widely online.

In her now-deleted post, Han So-hee expressed a nuanced view of relationships, emphasizing personal growth and maturity. She clarified her stance regarding her ex-lover, denying any intention of disrespect but also distancing herself from rumors of a reunion, highlighting the complexities of their situation.

Despite her attempts at clarification and apology, Han So-hee couldn’t resist taking jabs at Hyeri publicly, further fueling the drama surrounding their relationships.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun-yeol, caught in the middle of this ‘fun battle’, has chosen a path of silence. Despite rumors and speculations swirling around him, he has opted not to address the situation publicly, leaving fans and netizens eagerly awaiting his response.

Previously, through his agency, Ryu Jun-yeol had hinted at his positive feelings towards Han So-hee, disclosing that they had been seeing each other since the beginning of the year following his breakup with Hyeri. However, his silence has only added to the intrigue surrounding the love triangle.

As the saga continues to unfold, with Han So-hee and Hyeri issuing apologies and statements, all eyes remain on Ryu Jun-yeol, with many hoping that he will eventually break his silence and provide clarity amidst the chaos of celebrity romance.



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