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“Hearts Don’t Betray” Ryu Jun-yeol, Han So-hee, Maintains Stoic Composure at First Public Appearance Post Relationship Confirmation.


Gangnam-gu, Seoul-Amidst flashing cameras and probing questions, actor Ryu Jun-yeol stepped into the limelight once again at a fashion brand event this afternoon.

Just days prior, Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee found themselves thrust into the spotlight following a rendezvous in Hawaii, USA, on the 15th. The 16th saw Han So-hee confirming the swirling rumors of their relationship, sparking both excitement and intrigue among fans. Yet, amidst the fanfare, whispers of a potential ‘transit relationship’ between Ryu Jun-yeol’s ex-girlfriend of 7 years, Hye-ri, and his newfound love interest, Han So-hee, stirred the pot of controversy.

Choosing to keep their romantic escapade low-key, Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol discreetly returned from their Hawaiian retreat on separate dates, slipping past the prying eyes of the media.

Today marked Ryu Jun-yeol’s inaugural public appearance since the couple’s relationship confirmation, as he graced a brand event with his presence. Despite the eager anticipation and flashing lights, the actor gracefully maneuvered through the photo op, offering no verbal remarks or outward displays of affection.

Sporting a slight air of unease, Ryu Jun-yeol’s demeanor remained impassive, deflecting reporters’ requests for playful poses with an inscrutable gaze. When prodded about the challenges of acknowledging his newfound romance, Ryu Jun-yeol maintained his composed facade, betraying no hint of discomfort.

In a world where celebrity relationships often become fodder for public consumption, Ryu Jun-yeol’s stoic composure amidst the storm of speculation serves as a testament to the age-old adage: “Hearts don’t betray, but faces might deceive.”



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