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International achievements of BTS, Blackpink, TWICE: A group that is far ahead of the competition.

Recently, the Herald Economy posted an article assessing the popularity and achievements of Kpop artists from the beginning of the year to now. Of the 3,244,922 points that K-pop artists have achieved in the US market, BTS takes first place, and accounts for an overwhelming proportion of more than 44% of the total (thus, they account for almost half of this score). Specifically, BTS’s achievements are as follows: In terms of audio streams, video streams, album sales, tracks, and radio plays in the US, BTS reached the top 1 with 1.42 million points, accounting for 44.01% of the Kpop market. . With this achievement, BTS is far ahead of other strong competitors such as TWICE and Blackpink. Because currently Blackpink only accounts for about 250,000 points (top 2) and TWICE is in 3rd place. Statistics show that BTS’ disc sales, music sales… all surpassed Blackpink and TWICE. In the digital tracks sales category, BTS had 1.3 million sales, while Blackpink only reached 35,145. In the streaming category, BTS reached 1.1 billion hits; and Blackpink is only 289 million views. Regarding the total score of Kpop in the US, BTS accounts for more than 44%, but Blackpink only accounts for about 3%. Thus, BTS’s achievements so far are overwhelming other groups in Korea. In particular, even the achievements of Blackpink and TWICE combined cannot surpass the Big Hit boys. This shows that the 7 BTS boys are making great strides in the international market. And at this rate, they are predicted by the Korean media to go even further.

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