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Jennie (BLACKPINK) revealed the disadvantages of using Instagram, promising herself one thing to the fans.

On July 31, Jennie livestreamed on Vlive and chatted with fans. It is known that it is also the last livestream of the BLACKPINK girls on this platform. In the near future, the group will switch to interacting with fans on the Weverse app. During this conversation, Jennie confided and answered a lot with fans. In a question related to Instagram, she also honestly shared many things with fans. When asked by fans if she would create an Instagram account for her two dogs like Rosé did for Hank (Hank is Rosé’s pet dog) Jennie honestly answered no. The singer gave the reason that because her personal Instagram, she could not do it properly and properly, so it was difficult to manage another Instagram for the dog. Certainly, setting up an Instagram for two dogs will require Jennie to spend a lot of time taking photos, thinking up content, or filming stories to interact a lot with fans. Perhaps this made the singer falter. Many of her fans are also very sympathetic, because currently Jennie is using 2 Instagram accounts, if there are more, it will be difficult to update regularly.

However, the female singer also promised to work hard to post a lot of Instagram stories to update her daily life as well as new projects. In the near future, BLACKPINK will switch to the Weverse platform to interact with fans.

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