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Jennie always knows how to make herself shine anytime, anywhere

As one of the most prominent idols of 3rd generation Kpop, Jennie always knows how to make herself shine anytime, anywhere. Throughout the activities of 2021, the owner of the Solo hit many times made fans standstill in front of his hot appearance.
Calvin Klein Fall 2021 Campaign
This is considered the iconic photoshoot of “Chic girl.”
When the first photos of the campaign were released, Blinks (BlackPink fans) couldn’t help but be proud of their idols. As a global brand ambassador for Calvin Klein, Jennie confidently shows off her toned body in lingerie from the famous American fashion house. A few minutes after its release, Jennie’s photoshoot quickly became popular with thousands of interactions and compliments on social networks.Dazed Korea’s 2021 festival edition
In early December, Jennie covered up to 8 covers of Dazed magazine’s special issue for the festive season. This time, the ambassador continues to be favored by Calvin Klein on the cover with photos that are not too revealing, sophisticated, but still extremely hot.Paris Fashion Week 2021

As a global ambassador for the famous French fashion brand Chanel, Jennie’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week 2021 has become attention-focused.
The delicately cropped Chanel shirt has added a sexy yet luxurious touch to the BlackPink member. The white pearl strap on a red background is also considered to highlight Jennie’s beautiful curves and seductive hips. Overall, she still looks classic but no less stylish.

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