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Now we’re breaking up: Can Song Hye Kyo get along with Jang Ki Young?

Instead of going to Paris to continue working as a top photographer, Jae Guk chose to stay in Korea and open a photography studio with the desire: “I want to be with the person I love”.

Young Eun came to visit her boyfriend, she asked, “Didn’t anyone come today? These days, people don’t even take pictures without the app.”

Jae Guk revealed his photography philosophy, “What do you think people will see in the photo? All photos are memories. I wanted to capture it realistically.”

Later, Young Eun prepares for her best friend’s chemotherapy and hears a wish from Jeon Mi Sook. She said that her body was increasingly emaciated, her heart was racing because of cancer. Therefore, Mi Sook wants to leave a beautiful photo with a bright smile before leaving the world.

Young Eun remembers Jae Guk’s studio and decides to take Mi Sook to the photo studio to create beautiful memories as she wishes. Here, Jae Guk asked the trio of close friends to take a photo together.
On the other hand, Mrs. Kang Jeong Ja goes to Young Eun, opposing her relationship with Jae Guk, wondering what will happen if her family prevents this marriage.

In response, Young Eun said, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Do you know what was the hardest thing for me 10 years ago? Break up and disappear or you’ll be dumped. It’s not mom, it’s because I haven’t stopped loving but I have to stop.” What makes Young Eun suffer and go crazy is when she was still in love but couldn’t see her lover again.

Unable to stop her daughter, Jeong Ja went to Jae Guk and vented harsh words. She said Jae Guk is an illegitimate son, so he doesn’t deserve her daughter. Although Young Eun tried to stop her mother, she didn’t care at all.

Faced with an awkward situation, Jae Guk could only silently listen to the insults. Unable to dissuade her mother, nor directly comfort Jae Guk, Young Eun could only pull her mother away.

The next day, without seeing Jae Guk contact, Young Eun immediately went to the studio after work. Jae Guk took pictures for guests until late at night, he smiled at his girlfriend like nothing happened.

Young Eun angrily asked, “Yoon Jae Guk, why didn’t you do anything? Why don’t you call me? Why didn’t you say anything after listening to my mother?”

Jae Guk calmly said, “I didn’t mean anything. You’re okay. You’ve heard a lot. Some speak with words, some speak with eyes. Because it’s a child born from his father’s stealthy love to endure.”

Young Eun comforted, “It’s not my fault. But why should he be silent? Is it by me? If that’s why you’re suffering, we’d better stop.”

Young Eun gets angrier, Jae Guk becomes more deeply in love with her: “I love you”.

Young Eun expressed in tears that she would get angry if he just suffered like this. Jae Guk: “I will love you until the end” and Young Eun can’t help but feel the emotion in her heart: “I will love you too until the end”.

In addition to proving sincere love, what will the couple have to do to get the family’s approval? The new plot of the film is predicted to be the couple’s journey to convince their loved ones to come together.

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