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Kim Ji Won & Kim Soo Hyun spotted wearing matching rings on their ring fingers.

Let’s dive into the buzz surrounding Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun, who were recently spotted wearing matching rings on their ring fingers. This has led fans to speculate that these are indeed couple rings, symbolizing their close relationship.

Today, Kim Ji Won was seen at the Taipei airport for her fan meeting, radiating elegance and style. She wore a stunning outfit, complemented by a luxurious Dior bag, showcasing her impeccable fashion sense. Her beauty and vibrant energy were undeniable, and it’s no surprise why Kim Soo Hyun is enamored with her.

But Kim Ji Won’s appeal goes beyond her looks. She’s known for her kind-hearted nature, which endears her to fans and colleagues alike. Despite being surrounded by throngs of admirers at the airport, she remained cheerful and approachable, waving and smiling at everyone. Her gracious attitude made the fan interaction even more special.

Interestingly, Kim Ji Won exhibited a similar expression to Kim Soo Hyun’s, hinting at their deep connection. In a sweet gesture, Kim Soo Hyun reportedly sent bodyguards to ensure Kim Ji Won’s safety during her public appearances. This protective move further fuels the rumors about their close bond.

Here is an actual photo of Kim Soo Hyun’s bodyguards accompanying Kim Ji Won, ensuring she is well-protected amidst the bustling crowd.

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