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Kim Min Kyung The actress “Moon Embracing the Sun” suddenly passed away


On the afternoon of August 16, the information that Korean veteran actress Kim Min Kyung passed away at the age of 61 shocked netizens. Kim Min Kyung’s management company – Dahong Entertainment – confirmed the information that the veteran actor had passed away, but did not share more about the location and cause of death of the female artist.

Kim Min Kyung was born in 1960, started her acting career in 1979 and has been pursuing an acting career for more than 40 years. The actress’s films leave a deep impression on the audience when she often plays the role of a mother who has suffered many tragedies.

In the movie The Moon Embracing the Sun, Kim Min Kyung left an impression with the role of Man Thuong Cung, serving as Princess Min Hua. Although only a minor character, Kim Min Kyung left an impression with the image of a servant suffering a lot of pain and humiliation.
In his father’s drama Seo Young, Kim Min Kyung plays Seo Young’s mother. The actress only took on the supporting character, but acting when she transformed into a miserable mother who had to die early because she couldn’t stand her husband’s passion for betting also made viewers cry.

Not only appearing in television, Kim Min Kyung also participates in the film industry. In 2018, the actress had a comeback in the Microhabitat project as Hyun Jung’s mother-in-law.
In 2021, Kim Min Kyung also has a comeback in the Mouse project with the participation of Lee Seung Gi. In this movie, the veteran actress plays Oh Mi Soon – Soo Jung’s mother. However, no one knew that this was also the last project that the audience saw the actress appear on television.
Kim Min Kyung participated in many movies, although most of them were on the sideline, they all left a beautiful mark in the audience’s heart.



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