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The reason Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In are not dating

On August 19, the article titled “The reason why Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo didn’t get into dating rumors” by Mydaily became one of the most viewed articles on the Naver portal. The post has many intimate photos between the two actors and says that the star couple has been close friends for many years, working in the same management company.

According to the article, Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo are both artists of United Artists Agency. Song Hye Kyo is 5 years older than her junior, but the two have kept a close friendship for many years since Yoo Ah In was not famous.
Because of the close friendship, Yoo Ah In once accepted a cameo role in Descendants of the Sun. The actor once revealed that he couldn’t go to Song Hye Kyo’s birthday party, so he decided to make up for it by playing a cameo in her movie.

“The youngest image of the Korean screen” has repeatedly posted close photos with seniors on social networks. He gave her flowers and organized a birthday party for her, drove the actress for a night walk by himself, sent a coffee truck to the set, and posted photos of her magazine on his personal page to support his best friend.

In contrast, the “Descendants of the Sun” star did not hesitate to show her affection for Yoo Ah In, she often “dropped” the actor’s posts, or posted his photos online with the message: “See you soon.” See you at work.” This is in stark contrast to the closed personality, which rarely mentions the personal issues of the 40-year-old beauty.

Many opinions commented that Song Hye Kyo was more comfortable interacting intimately with Yoo Ah In than Song Joong Ki when they were still in a marriage relationship. Even in the period of the two most passionate lovers, Song Hye Kyo did not show affection for the actor surnamed Song online. She also attends new movie premieres or Yoo Ah In’s fan meeting events as a special guest.

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