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Kim Sae-ron Breaks Silence on Controversial ‘Bitsak’ Photo Aftermath.

In a surprising turn of events, actress Kim Sae-ron has chosen to break her silence regarding the aftermath of the notorious ‘Bitsak’ photo involving her and fellow actor Kim Soo-hyun. Contrary to previous reports suggesting her intention to remain mum on the issue, Kim Sae-ron has decided to address the speculations swirling around the incident.

Initially, media outlets reported that Kim Sae-ron had no intention of making any statements regarding the photo. However, it appears that circumstances have changed, prompting her to reconsider her stance. Sources close to the actress reveal that she was caught off guard by the sudden media attention and was initially unsure how to respond.

The controversy erupted when Kim Sae-ron posted a seemingly innocuous photo of herself with Kim Soo-hyun on her social media story in the early hours of the morning. The image, showing the two actors in casual attire sharing a tender moment, sparked rumors of a romantic relationship between them.

Speculation ran rampant as to the nature of their relationship, with some suggesting that they were dating, while others speculated that it was a publicity stunt. The timing of the photo’s release coincided with Kim Soo-hyun’s highly anticipated comeback in the tvN drama ‘Queen of Tears’, adding fuel to the fire.

In response to the escalating rumors, Kim Sae-ron’s agency issued a statement dismissing the dating speculations as unfounded. They emphasized that the photo was taken during a time when the actors were under the same agency and that Kim Sae-ron’s motives behind posting the image were unknown.

However, the controversy continued to snowball, with Kim Sae-ron facing criticism for potentially undermining Kim Soo-hyun’s career comeback. As pressure mounted, Kim Sae-ron found herself at the center of unwanted attention, prompting her to contemplate her next move.

In her statement addressing the ‘Bitsak’ photo aftermath, Kim Sae-ron expressed regret over the confusion and speculation surrounding the incident. She clarified that her decision to post the photo was impulsive and not indicative of any romantic involvement with Kim Soo-hyun.

Furthermore, Kim Sae-ron apologized for any unintended consequences her actions may have caused and reaffirmed her commitment to focusing on her career moving forward. She urged fans and the media to respect her privacy and refrain from spreading unfounded rumors.

As the dust settles on the ‘Bitsak’ photo controversy, Kim Sae-ron’s decision to speak out has provided some much-needed clarity on the situation. With both actors eager to put the incident behind them, fans can now look forward to enjoying their respective projects without the distraction of baseless rumors.

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