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Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Jiwon mentioned each other during a fan meeting, sang OTS Queen of Tears.

Today marked a memorable day for fans of South Korean stars Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun, as both actors held their much-anticipated fan meetings, entitled “Be My One” and “Eyes on You,” respectively. Despite their different settings and scales, both events showcased the unique charm and talents of these beloved celebrities, leaving their fans with unforgettable experiences.

In Seoul, Kim Ji Won opted for an intimate gathering, limiting her fan meeting to just 400 seats. This smaller venue allowed for a close and personal connection with her fans. Kim Ji Won went above and beyond to make the event special, even gifting attendees with Shapa Jetty spicy cup noodles, a thoughtful and unique gesture that highlighted her personal touch and attention to detail.

Contrastingly, Kim Soo Hyun held his fan meeting in Yokohama, where a grand stage was set up to accommodate 10,000 adoring fans. The scale of his event reflected his wide-reaching popularity and ability to draw large crowds. The atmosphere was electric as fans eagerly awaited his appearance, and they were not disappointed.

Both fan meetings began with a display of the stars’ singing talents. Kim Ji Won wowed her audience by singing and dancing alongside backup dancers, reminiscent of a polished K-pop idol performance. Her rendition of Jessica K’s hit songs, combined with her dynamic stage presence, was a highlight of the event. In the next session, she moved the crowd by singing the OST “From the Bottom of My Heart” from Kim Soo Hyun’s drama “Queen of Tears.”

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun’s entrance was nothing short of spectacular. He captivated the audience with his melodious voice, singing the “Queen of Tears” OST “Love You with All My Heart,” accompanied by the SSUSI stairs and a live band. The grandeur of his performance was a testament to his versatility and charisma as a performer.

Throughout their respective events, both stars made heartfelt connections with their fans. Interestingly, they kept mentioning each other, creating a sense of camaraderie and mutual admiration. Kim Soo Hyun expressed his surprise and delight at Kim Ji Won’s appearance, exclaiming “Hey!” in genuine excitement. Kim Ji Won, on the other hand, affectionately referred to her best friend, Yunha, as her “Beckan Wu,” emphasizing the close bonds they share in real life.

These fan meetings not only provided a platform for Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun to showcase their talents but also highlighted their sincere appreciation for their fans. The contrasting scales of their events—one intimate and the other grand—demonstrated their unique approaches to fan engagement, but both were undeniably successful in creating memorable experiences for all who attended.

As the day concluded, fans left with cherished memories of their favorite stars, eagerly looking forward to their next projects and future fan meetings. Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun’s ability to connect with their fans on such personal and grand scales is a testament to their enduring popularity and the special place they hold in the hearts of their admirers.

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