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Kim Soo Hyun returned to Korea, where he was spotted with Kim Ji Won at a shopping center.

Fans are buzzing with excitement over a series of photos that highlight the close relationship between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won. These images, which captured a sweet shopping moment, have gone viral, and fans are eagerly hoping the couple will soon openly express their love.

The viral photo shows Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won enjoying a shopping trip together. After spending two days in Bangkok, Kim Soo Hyun returned to Korea, where he was spotted with Kim Ji Won at a shopping center.

The image of Kim Soo Hyun patiently waiting for Kim Ji Won as she tried on clothes quickly spread across social media, causing fans to swoon over his gentlemanly demeanor. Social media forums have been filled with fans expressing their hopes that the couple will soon get married.

In addition to the excitement surrounding their relationship, Kim Ji Won recently shared her favorite romantic moment from the TV drama “Queen of Tears.” When asked about the most moving moment in “Queen of Tears” from her perspective as a viewer, Kim Ji Won chose a scene filmed in Germany.

In this scene, the couple, who had grown apart, realized that they still cared for and missed each other. “Hyen Woo slowly walks up the stairs and Hyen watches him. It’s the first moment where their relationship starts to change, and I think it’s the most romantic scene,” she shared.

Kim Ji Won also mentioned her habit of bringing different perfumes depending on her travel destinations, explaining that perfume brings back memories of those trips. She introduced a perfume from the brand Bulgari, which they were spotted purchasing at a perfume store recently.

As these photos and personal revelations continue to captivate the public, fans are eagerly awaiting more news and hoping for a happy ending for the beloved couple.

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