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Hyun Bin has expressed immense pride in his wife’s achievements.

Son Ye Jin, the celebrated actress known for her vibrant and youthful beauty, continues to captivate audiences even in her 40s. Recently, she has been selected as the ambassador for a prestigious jewelry brand in South Korea. Her appearance in the newly released advertisement for the latest collection, Tudor Rose Garden, has earned widespread admiration for her elegant and fresh look.

In the promotional video and images showcasing the Tudor Rose Garden collection, Son Ye Jin is seen wearing a white spaghetti strap dress that highlights her delicate collarbones and slender, graceful figure. The actress exudes sophistication and style, adorned with diamond jewelry shaped like the Tudor Rose. This collection draws inspiration from the iconic flower of the British royal family, crafted from diamonds in a three-dimensional structure resembling a blooming rose, symbolizing timeless beauty.

Fans and critics alike have praised Son Ye Jin’s aura, which perfectly complements the elegant and luxurious style of the jewelry. A representative from the brand stated that Son Ye Jin’s ability to embody exceptional characters in her work aligns seamlessly with the brand’s values, making her the ideal muse for this particular collection.

Hyun Bin, her husband, has expressed immense pride in his wife’s achievements. Known for his dedicated support, especially after the birth of their child, Hyun Bin continues to be a pillar of strength for Son Ye Jin. His admiration and unwavering support for her career have not gone unnoticed, further endearing the couple to their fans.

Son Ye Jin’s involvement with the high-end jewelry brand not only highlights her timeless beauty and elegance but also underscores the mutual respect and admiration between her and Hyun Bin. This dynamic couple continues to inspire many with their professional successes and strong personal bond.

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