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Kris Wu’s unusual behavior is dug up, the explanation is even more speechless.

According to strong sources in the Chinese media from the evening of July 31, Kris Wu was detained by the police for having sex with a minor. Not only that, Kris Wu is also suspected of using and selling banned substances. And an old video of the male singer being dug made netizens believe that Kris Wu was indeed using drugs. During an event of the Burberry fashion house in China from the end of 2017, Kris Wu stood in front of the media’s microphone forest to give an interview, but instead of asking and answering as usual, he closed his eyes and shook his body for a long time. Never mind the crowd around. At that time, this unusual action caused Ngo Kris Wu to be suspected of using banned substances right before the event, so he was not awake.

However, at that time, the male singer’s fan community as well as the office quickly spoke up in defense. Kris Wu’s representative confirmed that this is a malicious rumor aimed at seriously damaging his reputation. According to the defense, Kris Wu was listening to music at the time, so absorbed in the melody that he acted in such a confusing manner. Unexpectedly, a thing that singers often do is distorted by anti-fans in a negative way, causing Kris Wu to be criticized and misunderstood. Kris Wu’s fans also think that this video has been cut and edited, causing many people to misunderstand, but in fact, the male singer is listening to his own music. Now, this video has gone viral again and the online community no longer believes the explanation of Kris Wu’s office.

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