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Lovers of the red sky Episode 5 Preview

The 5th episode of SBS Monday-Tuesday drama Hongcheongi’ aired on September 13. Hong Cheon-ki, Kim Yoo-jung, recognized Haram (Ahn Hio-seop).

Hong Cheon-gi (Kim Yoo­jeong) attempted to take part in the painting of Maejukheon at the hands of Lee Yul (Gongmyeong), but was stopped by Jeong Shonnae of Wolseongdang. Jeong Shon–nae holds a grudge against Hong Chun–ki over a copying incident. Haram (Ahn Hi-seop), a witness to the incident, wrapped his arms around Hong Cheongi’s shoulders and displayed his martial skills by beating Jeong Shonae’s gang using one stick.
Haram enabled Hong Chun-ki to take part in the Maejukheon paintings. He told Haram that only those who can see could do it. He exclaimed, “Are you irrelevant?” Yang Myeong altered the tense of the sentence to read “When I write poetry under the moonlight, there is a scent of plum blossoms on the clothes and butterflies fly in swarms, knowing that spring news is fast.”

Hong Chun-ki was accompanied by Cha Yeongwook (Hong Jinki) and Choi Jeong(Hong-kyung), who both suffered pain in the first round. Hong Cheon-ki had more trouble. Yang Myeong gun noticed that the Hong Chun-ki butterfly painting and the one in the model were identical, and made a big deal about it. Hong Chun-ki inquired about the cause of the inconsistency and Yang Myung Gun replied, “Everyone conforms.

Hong Chun-ki stated, “I’m not against the evaluation a virtuous elder.” My life was ruined, as well as the honor of the flowerbed. I slept because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able pick up the brush after I had lived my life. Grand Prince Yang Myung asked, “What kind of qualities are I lacking?” Han Geon (Jang Hyeon–seong) objected.

Two butterflies flew at the same time and sat on Hong Chunki’s painting. Everyone was amazed that the painting had a divine power. Han Geon was aware that Hong Cheongi was the daughter Hong Eun-oh (Choi Kwang–il), who drew Yeongjong Fish Dragon and wrote a wantong plaque.

In the second round, I was limited to one large brush and one sheet of paper. Haram said, “I am full with spring spirits in mountains, and I am playing among radish flowers.” Haram used the Hongcheongi, Memories and tense. Hongcheongi then asked Haram, “Seonbi, is that the real Haram?” He whispered, and began drawing.

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