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Blackpink Lisa topped the Hanteo Weekly Chart in just two and a quarter days

Blackpink Lisa topped the Hanteo Weekly Chart in just two and a quarter days of the release her single album.

Hanteo Chart, 13th December: Lisa’s first solo album, ‘LALISA’, was released at noon on the 10th. It sold more than 330,000 copies that day.

The actual sales of limited-edition vinyl records is likely to be higher, considering that some of the exports to Europe and the US have yet to ship out are also omitted.

Lisa’s previous album, ‘LALISA,’ had 800,000 preorders in the pre-order period. This was the highest performance by a K-pop female solo artist. It is possible to set a new record in K-pop for Initial Chodong sales, judging by the current trends.

It also reached various international charts. The album’s title song, ‘LALISA’, topped the iTunes Top Song Charts for 60 countries the day after its release. This was followed by an expansion of the number one region to 66. It also reached #15 on the Spotify global charts, brightening the future.

The music video for “LALISA” was also wildly popular. It reached 100 million views in just two days after it was released on YouTube. This broke the record for the fastest time a K-pop solo artist could release a music video. This feat shattered the record of 100 million views for ‘Gentleman,’ which Psy held for approximately 8 years and 5 month.

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