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Luxurious Condo Owner, This is Song Joong Ki’s Wealth Source

Currently, Song Joong Ki is still one of the hottest male actors in South Korea. Over the years, Song Joong Ki has appeared in various hit Korean dramas and movies, which made his popularity rise sharply in Korea and all over the world.
Although, the divorce with Song Hye Kyo had made Song Joong Ki slump. However, he went through the painful process of entering the list of the highest-paid actors in 2021.
Active in acting, but Song Joong Ki also multiplied his money by investing in several instruments, including property. He is also known as an actor who likes to donate. So, where are the sources of Song Joong Ki’s current wealth? Let’s take a look at the most expensive actor earnings below.
The dramas and films he starred in became hits.
Song Joong Ki has started his career in the entertainment world. Almost all Korean dramas and films starring the actor have succeeded, including 2021. He starred in two large-scale projects from Netflix, Space Sweepers, and Vincenzo.
It didn’t take long for Song Joong Ki to prove his acting quality; space Sweepers topped Netflix’s rankings in many countries after its release and has an investment value of up to 24 billion won. Meanwhile, Vincenzo made Song Joong Ki the highest-paid actor.
Flashback to 2012, Song Joong Ki played Chul Soo in the film A Werewolf Boy and successfully attracted 7 million viewers to the cinema. While in 2017, Song Joong Ki appeared dashing as a secret soldier named Park Mu Young in the film The Battleship Island.
The film was able to sell 2.5 million tickets during its first weekend since its release. Thanks to his quality acting, Song Joong Ki pocketed an income of up to 200 million won per episode.
The favorite advertising model of various well-known brands
At 35 years old, Song Joong Ki’s face still looks young. It is not surprising that many famous brands want the actor as their model. Following the success of the Korean drama Descendants of The Sun, Song Joong Ki has earned 40 billion won from advertising alone.
The election of Song Joong Ki as a well-known brand advertising model made the sales of various goods experience a significant increase. Thus, Song Joong Ki received many advertising offers at that time and made his financial coffers continue to grow.
Luxury property owner
With extraordinary income from acting and advertising, Song Joong Ki also invests in various instruments, one of which is a property whose value increases every year.
In 2016, Song Joong Ki lived in a luxury villa in Seocho, Seoul, for US$2.2 million. Not long after, he reportedly bought a two-story house in Itaewon for US$8.9 million.
In addition to luxury homes and villas, Song Joong Ki is also known to own a luxury condominium in Honolulu, Hawaii, worth US$ 2.88 million, which he uses as a vacation home. Currently, Song Joong Ki’s net worth is US$15 million.
With an extraordinary asset value, Song Joong Ki did not forget to donate to others.
Then, in mid-August 2021, Song Joong Ki also donated his house land as much as 139.35 meters in the luxury area of ​​Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea, to expand public roads.
Song Joong Ki’s efforts to work in the South Korean entertainment world are extraordinary so that the public still trusts him to play in various dramas and films. Hopefully, in the coming year, Song Joong Ki will get many appearances on the small screen with different roles, yes, Bela.

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