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Not Song Joong Ki, This is a Row of Handsome Artists as Captain Yoo Si Jin in Descendants of The Sun

The drama Descendants of The Sun or (D.O.T.S) achieved success when it was broadcast several years ago.
Not only the drama, but the careers of the players also soared.
Not only that, but this military-themed drama also makes the main characters Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, love the location and even get married.
Unfortunately, their marriage relationship did not last long, and they chose divorce.
Having many fans, who would have thought, it turned out that it was not Song Joong Ki who was lined up to play captain Yoo Si Jin.
Because, as reported by KBIZoom, screenwriter Kim Eun-sook revealed that the selection of the cast for the role of captain Yoo Si Jin was one of the obstacles in making the drama D.O.T.S.
At that time, the production team wanted an actor with a charismatic and significant image.
Therefore, they contacted Gong Yoo, Jo In-sung, Kim Woo-bin, and Lee Min-ho.
Unfortunately, they all refused. Their reasoning was because the role they were going to play was to become a soldier.
In addition, the drama is also set in the military, so they thought the filming process would take a long time.
Finally, the production team contacted Song Joong Ki, and he agreed to play the role of captain Yoo Si Jin.
Finally, both the name Song Joong Ki and the drama were also well received by the viewers.

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