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Song Hye Kyo’s Now We Are Breaking Up was criticized for fake effects

Since the first episode aired, Now, We Are Breaking Up by Song Hye Kyo has never stopped causing controversy. From the script to the acting, the costumes, the beauty of the female lead all become issues for the audience to discuss. Most recently, the audience continued to pay attention to the film’s effects and left many negative comments.

Specifically in the series of scenes of Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and ex-lover – Soo Wan are still happy together, check-in together when traveling abroad, instead of real footage, the crew used a green screen. Probably to limit movement, save money. Of course, this is something that the audience can completely sympathize with, but the problem is that the crew had a fake collage, knowing the product of the technique at a glance. Now, We Are Breaking Up is a movie with a very large budget (specific numbers have not been announced, but looking at the branded fashion that Song Hye Kyo wears is enough to understand), the main couple also has scenes Filmed in Paris, but a simple scene, the crew chose to use a green screen and edit it carelessly. Before Now, We Are Breaking Up, Jeon Ji Hyun’s Jirisan also annoyed the audience with the same error.

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