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Top 3 Korean actresses with the best body.

Recently, a program of OBS TV suddenly announced the Top 3 Korean actresses with the best body. The list board quickly received a lot of attention from the audience.
Accordingly, leading the list is actress Kim Hye Soo. It is known that Kim Hye Soo is 51 years old but is still considered a beautiful treasure of the Korean entertainment industry with her excellent legs, beautiful body, and “hot” roles on the screen.In second place as announced by OBS is actress Son Ye Jin. Hyun Bin’s girlfriend owns a great angle. The actress also has a slim body with an elegant face and smooth skin, making everyone jealous.Third, on the list is Jeon Ji Hyun. The actress has caused a stir in public opinion many times with a standard body without any excess fat, a tiny ant waist, and a fresh face that makes her never out of the top of Korean stars with attractive bodies.In the program, the producer also said that because of her youthful appearance, Jeon Ji Hyun easily matched with Lee Min Ho – a junior 6 years younger than her in “Legend of the Blue Sea” or Kim Soo Hyun – lost to women. 7-year-old actor in the movie “Why brought you here” but still considered a beautiful couple.

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