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Pictures of Go Hyun Jung and Shin Hyun Bin in the new movie.


“A Person Similar to You” revolves around two women who change their lives after an unexpected meeting.

In the drama, Go Hyun Jung takes on the role of Jung Hee Joo, a woman who is always determined to follow her dreams. Despite growing up in poverty, Hee Joo still becomes a successful artist-writer and has a happy marriage.

Despite living a life that makes many people jealous, Jung Hee Joo still has an empty feeling about the time in the past.

Shin Hyun Bin will play Goo Hae Won, who grew up with a beautiful youth. However, she seems to be deeply hurt after an unexpected meeting with Jung Hee Joo.

In the main poster of the movie, Jung Hee Joo and Goo Hae Won appear with tense expressions and seem like they want to confront each other.

“A Person Similar to You” is Go Hyun Jung’s first drama in about 2 years and is Shin Hyun Bin’s noticed lead role after his beloved role in “Hospital Playlist.”

Acting as a pair on screen, the Go – Shin couple is expected to show the character’s emotions and strong personality in detail.

“A Person Similar To You” is written by Yoo Bo Ra – the writer of “Rain or Shine”, “Secret”, “Snowy Road” and directed by “A Person” director – I’m Hyun Woo.

The film will premiere at 10:20 pm on October 13 on JTBC.



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