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This is the worst movie in Song Hye Kyo’s career.


Song Hye Kyo has had 20 years in the acting career and really deserves the title of “rating queen”. However, there is one film of hers that is rated as the worst in her career when the average rating is only 6.5%, which is the Worlds Within project. This is also the movie with the lowest rating among all the projects that Song Hye Kyo starred in.
However, after 13 years, this project was suddenly broadcast by KBS, causing netizens to talk about it because few stations chose a “flop” project in the past to rerun.
Song Hye Kyo’s Worlds Within a project, starring with Hyun Bin, was announced by KBS to rerun even though this is considered the worst movie in Song Hye Kyo’s career.
Worlds Within is set in a television station, about the work of people who work together to create a movie for the audience. In the movie, Ju Jun Young (Song Hye Kyo) applies to work at a television station to fulfill her dream of producing a series and is highly appreciated by colleagues and leaders thanks to her passion for work, her dedication confidence, and courage.
Here, Jun Young reunited with her ex-boyfriend, director Jung Ji Oh (Hyun Bin), and the two resumed their old love. Meanwhile, famous director Song Kyu Ho (Um Ki Joon) is pursuing young actress Jang Hae Jin (Seo Hyo Rim). With these love affairs, the characters paint a vivid picture of the life and work of the actors and the people behind the camera.



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