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Prewiew: Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Ji Won Share Intimate Moments After Heartfelt Confession in "Queen of Tears" - Toplistkdrama
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Prewiew: Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Ji Won Share Intimate Moments After Heartfelt Confession in “Queen of Tears”

In the latest episode of “Queen of Tears,” viewers witnessed a poignant moment as Hong Hae In (played by Kim Ji Won) finally bared her heart to Baek Hyun Woo (portrayed by Kim Soo Hyun), hinting at an imminent departure. Yet, Baek Hyun Woo’s tearful response indicated his reluctance to bid farewell so hastily.

Newly unveiled stills from the forthcoming episode offer a glimpse into the intimate world of Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In. Having departed from Baek Hyun Woo’s familial abode in Yongduri, the couple now revels in the tranquility of his modest apartment, relishing in uninterrupted moments of togetherness.

Contrary to their past encounters around a grand dining table, the duo now find themselves seated across a small table, allowing for an unobstructed view of each other’s expressions. Hong Hae In’s radiant smile speaks volumes as she savors Baek Hyun Woo’s culinary creations for the first time, signifying a newfound joy in their shared experiences.

Later, the once-proclaimed inadequacy of a double king-size bed seems a distant memory as Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In cozy up on the sofa, reveling in the warmth of each other’s embrace. The sofa, once a mere piece of furniture, now serves as a sanctuary for their blossoming affection.

As anticipation mounts for the next installment of “Queen of Tears,” slated to air on April 14 at 9:20 p.m. KST, viewers are poised to witness the continuation of Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In’s captivating journey towards love and understanding.

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