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Rare revelation about Hyun Bin’s family background.

Mr. Kim Won Hong, the father of actor Hyun Bin, is a businessman, has a large fortune, but is very secretive.

The source confirmed that Hyun Bin’s family is in business. His brother, who was much older than him, also followed in his father’s footsteps. In the house, only Kim Tae Pyung – Hyun Bin’s real name – is active in art. Hyun Bin himself once revealed that his father was an extremely strict person, even beating him up with a baseball bat when he discovered that his son intended to be an actor instead of following a family-oriented career. He once revealed: “My family has relatives who went to a big university, some of them went to the prosecutor’s office. So it’s unacceptable for me to go to the movies.”

Regarding Hyun Bin’s biological father’s assets, no documents have been released. However, many newspapers emphasized that Mr. Kim is a real estate giant. This is shown by the fact that in early 2021, Son Ye Jin – now Hyun Bin’s girlfriend – invested in real estate in a project in Songpa district, Seoul, Korea. This project is invested by Mr. Kim Won Hong’s company. In addition, in 2014, the Kim family, through the family company, invested in the construction of a 7-storey building in the luxurious Cheongdam area of ​​Seoul. The property was purchased in cash for 4.8 billion won (more than $4.2 million) at the time. The building is strategically located in a complex of luxury houses and is rented out for commercial use.
This is said to be self-investigated press information, because details about Hyun Bin’s family were never revealed by him. The actor is said to want to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Not relying on family wealth, Hyun Bin has a solid career and a large fortune. Since developing his career until now, he has always been one of the highest paid artists in showbiz. In 2010, he was paid $27,000 per episode for the 20-episode television series Secret Garden. After the success of the film, he collected $ 540,000 in salary and received an additional $ 178,383 from the film’s profit. Hyun Bin’s popularity also helped him get dozens of advertising contracts, earning more than 3 million USD.

After leaving the army, Hyun Bin “increased” money with Hyde, Jekyll, I (in 2015) – helping him earn $ 1.68 million, Memories of the Alhambra (in 2018) – earning 1.5 million USD.

Landing where he is in 2019 strengthens Hyun Bin’s position, making him the second highest paid actor in Korea. He earned $83,900 per episode for the 16-episode series. With his A-list title, Hyun Bin receives an average of $900,000 per advertising contract.

Hyun Bin’s current net worth is estimated at around $15 million. The actor’s growing popularity has made him one of the most sought-after actors in Korea right now.
Hyun Bin is currently dating Son Ye Jin, his co-star in “Crash Landing on You”. Some sources said that although the wedding was not public, the star couple had moved in together. LK newspaper confirmed that Hyun Bin sold his house in Seoul and moved in with Son Ye Jin in a luxury penthouse that he bought in January of this year. However, Hyun Bin’s management company has not confirmed this information.
Actor Hyun Bin, famous through many TV and movie works such as My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Landing on You, Secret Garden, Reluctant Partner…, is currently one of the actors. prestige and high brand value in Korean showbiz. Before falling in love with Son Ye Jin, he experienced many love affairs with beautiful female colleagues: Hwang Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo (3 years), Kang So Ra (1 year).

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