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Red Velvet’s comeback with Blackpink and TWICE is controversial.

Red Velvet became the focus of Kpop fans’ attention when returning after a period of hiatus. This is considered their comeback to the Kpop race along with other famous groups like Blackpink, TWICE.

Specifically, recently Red Velvet released the sixth mini-album Queendom with the title song of the same name.

“Queendom” impresses with its easy-to-listen music, the song shows off the vocal strengths of the group members. The song was composed by minGtion, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Moa ‘Cazzi Opeia’ Carlebecker and Ellen Berg, with lyrics by Jo Yoon Kyung.

The song honors the spirit of feminism, that any woman can be a queen.

When it was released, the song was quickly received and became a hot topic of discussion on social networking platforms. Kpop fans give a lot of praise for this comeback of the SM girls.

Specifically, many people praised the beauty of Red Velvet and the musical style they brought this time. However, there are still some opinions that do not like this new MV of the girls.

In particular, many people are annoyed with the leader of the group Irene – because she used to be noisy and rude with an editor before. In addition, some others criticized the rap part in the MV and judged that Red Velvet’s investment in this product was not proportionate for the comeback.

As of the afternoon of August 17, the MV has reached more than 17 million views and reached the top 8 trending YouTube in Vietnam. This is also a good achievement for Red Velvet.

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