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Why was BTS’ top famous hit removed?

Specifically, recently, two reputable Twitter pages announced that BTS’s cult hit “Butter” has been officially withdrawn from all US radio stations.

This means that Butter has only been broadcast for nearly 3 months on the US radio system and has to say goodbye to the audience.

This will affect the song’s chart ranking on the upcoming Billboard Hot 100.

The fact that Butter was withdrawn from the US radio system because its ranking on the Billboard chart depends on many criteria, including: Digital sales / physical sales, streams on platforms ( Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal,…) and radio plays.

Thus, next week, Butter will have no points in the radio segment, making the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 almost slim.

The reason was explained by the international media that Butter was withdrawn from the US radio system because the song received many negative reviews from the audience. In particular, National Callout’s survey data on the love of songs, BTS’ Butter received only 59% of the score, while the minimum score to appear on the radio was 60%.

Before that, BTS was controversial because Butter was constantly at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, although this song was not appreciated compared to many other stars.

Then, arousing rumors, BTS fans “manipulated” the Billboard Hot 100 chart to help their idol stay on the throne.

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