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Snowdrop’s new trailer attracts attention with a series of thrilling details with Jung Hae In & Jisoo’s acting

On December 10, Snowdrop released a trailer lasting more than 3 minutes. The trailer has a connection with the previous introductions and is especially noticeable with a series of dramatic, bold details of separation between Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In. The beginning of the trailer is the times when they accidentally meet, touch, and “bloom” the love between Youngro (Jisoo) by chance encountering Im Suho (Jung Hae In). However, just a few seconds later, the footage was replaced by a series of violent and deadly scenes with a series of dramatic and fast-paced episodes. New characters also start appearing in this trailer. They show an increasingly tense and bloody relationship.

Im Suho is the person directly involved in the riots. He was injured but still went to see Youngro. Im Suho pointed a gun at Youngro’s head when faced with a dangerous situation. Both of their eyes showed pain and fear. The scene then changes to the parting scene. The pair appeared in a dark tunnel, Im Suho gave Youngro a necklace and accompanied her to the sanctuary. Here, the two parted, Im Suho said: “I’m sorry”, Youngro replied, “Can we meet again?”
The series of details in the film made netizens predict that the movie would have a sad ending. In addition, many people praised Jisoo’s acting and her beautiful shimmering image in the movie.

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