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Son Ye Jin has expressed her concerns about the sad reality faced by actresses in this field.

Son Ye Jin, a celebrated actress in the Korean film industry, has expressed her concerns about the sad reality faced by actresses in this field. During an interview, she was asked about her opinion on the lack of movies with a strong female cast, particularly in the melodrama genre. Son Ye Jin candidly shared her thoughts, highlighting a significant issue that affects many actresses today.

“It’s a pity that we can’t appear in such movies because they are not produced as frequently,” she remarked. “Male actors have the luxury of choosing from numerous projects. They are always busy, not just with their next movie but even with the one after that. However, this is not the case for us as actresses.”

Son Ye Jin pointed out that the scarcity of films with substantial female roles and good scripts is a pervasive problem. She emphasized that many actresses struggle to find projects with quality scenarios and plans, making it challenging to showcase their talent and advance their careers. “I hope that there will be more works about women,” she added, expressing her hope for a future where the industry recognizes and rectifies this imbalance.

This interview took place years ago, yet the sentiments expressed by Son Ye Jin continue to resonate with many actresses in the industry. The lack of female-centric films remains a topic of discussion, as actresses continuously voice their frustration over limited opportunities.

Son Ye Jin herself experienced the demanding nature of the industry firsthand. During the filming of “Crash Landing on You,” she ended up in the emergency room due to overwork. Despite these challenges, “Crash Landing on You” became a phenomenal success, breaking its own highest viewership ratings with each episode. The show’s popularity brought Son Ye Jin immense love and recognition from fans worldwide.

In a happier turn of events, Son Ye Jin and her co-star, Hyun Bin, found love both on-screen and off. The couple is now married and blessed with a child, capturing the hearts of fans who celebrated their union.

Son Ye Jin’s journey in the Korean film industry highlights the persistent challenges faced by actresses, but also the resilience and dedication they embody. Her call for more female-centric films is a step towards a more inclusive and balanced industry, where actresses have equal opportunities to shine.

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