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The latest images Son Ye Jin have raised the suspicion she is pregnant her first child with Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin is one of the most famous couples in the Korean entertainment industry, and everyone wants them to return to the same house soon. This year, the couple “Crash Landing on You” were constantly suspected of getting married. Even Son Ye Jin was once suspected of being pregnant due to her unusually plump body. And most recently, the suspicion that Son Ye Jin is pregnant with Hyun Bin’s first child has surfaced again after the latest series of photos of the actress. Son Ye Jin’s body suddenly became fuller in this series of photos, and the second round was also less slim. Immediately, many netizens focused their attention and questioned the pregnant actress. But at the same time, there are also a series of opinions that many layers of winter clothes have drowned the actress’s body and bust, making Son Ye Jin’s appearance look less slim. Moreover, Son Ye Jin is filming “Thirty-Nine”, so her pregnancy is unlikely.

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