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“Now, we’re breaking up”: 2 challenges Song Hye Kyo must overcome

In the previous episodes, while Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) and Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo)’s romantic relationship was progressing, he was prevented by Shin Yoo Jung – Yoon Soo’s ex-fiancĂ©e. Wan (Young Eun’s ex-boyfriend and Jae Guk’s older brother).
Not only send a text message from Soo Wan’s phone number to Young Eun, but Shin Yoo Jung also asked to meet her. Here, Yoo Jung revealed his close relationship with Jae Guk and mentioned Ha Young Eun’s, old love.
Despite encountering obstacles, Young Eun and Jae Guk continued their relationship. Not only secretly dating at the company, but also waiting for each other to come home from work, walking in the rain, eating and watching movies together like other couples.
Young Eun also frankly told her boyfriend that she received a text from Soo Wan’s number. After that, Jae Guk went to Yoo Jung and questioned her. He even called his mother to tell her that he would introduce Young Eun to her, leaving Yoo Jung standing next to him speechless.
In the new episode of the drama, Young Eun continues to face more difficulties at work.
Meanwhile, Jae Guk shows his steadfastness in love with Young Eun. Despite receiving much advice, even anger from Yoo Jung or his mother, Jae Guk is determined to protect his love.
“Just because you’re afraid of everything, you have to give up on the person you love? The person who is at fault for me is your brother, not her. You have vented your anger at the wrong person” – Jae Guk frankly told Yoo Jung when she was done. Time and again want to stop his love.
Also, in this episode, Jae Guk decided to return to Paris. After asking Young Eun if she wanted to go with him, Young Eun refused. She said she still had a lot of work to do. Their farewell was warm but also tearful. This predicts difficult times to come for the couple, especially Young Eun.
This is also a painful episode with Mi Sook – Young Eun’s best friend. Terrible cancer not only tormented her physically, but the betrayal of her husband was also her great pain mentally.
Mi Sook’s health is getting weaker and weaker. However, her husband is unaware of his wife’s illness and even harasses Mi Sook when he sees a messy house.
Mi-Sook locked herself in the house, resulting in a critical condition. Fortunately, Young Eun was promptly discovered and taken to the hospital. Witnessing Mi Sook’s condition, Young Eun was heartbroken but still strong enough to support her friend.
Yoo Jung once again met Young Eun privately. This time, Young Eun was even more determined to be with Jae Guk. After that conversation, Young Eun went straight to Jae Guk and suddenly kissed her lover in the middle of a crowd.
Although he did not understand why his girlfriend did this, Jae Guk also hugged Young Eun a happy hug after that. The episode ends when Jae Guk’s mother contacts Young Eun to talk about Soo Wan. It looks like this is where the actual storm hits.
In the following episode, “Now, we’re breaking up”, how will Young Eun face 2 new challenges?

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