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Son Ye Jin Shares Acting Goals and Highlights Her Blissful Family Life.

At the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) 2024 press conference, actress Son Ye Jin opened up about her life over the past two years since marrying actor Hyun Bin and becoming a mother. Reflecting on her 24-year career, she spoke about the ups and downs she has faced. Now, as a wife and mother, she is embracing new changes and responsibilities.

Son Ye Jin, now 40, expressed her desire to take full responsibility for her acting career, aiming to continue performing for as long as possible. The star of “Crash Landing on You” also commented on being chosen as the lead for a special exhibition. “I thought such honors were reserved for my seniors.

I questioned if I was worthy of being featured. But looking back, I realized how much I’ve aged. It’s a tremendous honor and privilege to be part of this special exhibition, following in the footsteps of those who came before me,” she remarked.

The actress is enthusiastic about her future endeavors. She compared each project to a 100-meter sprint, explaining the struggles and the pressure she feels. “I want to view my career in the long term,” she said. “I’ve faced a lot of stress wondering, ‘What if this project doesn’t succeed?’ It’s a sense of responsibility.

If I only choose great projects, the opportunities to show my work would decrease. Films can be hit or miss. I want to act as much as possible, frequently and for a long time. I aim to be an actress who stays with you for a long time.” She emphasized, “I want to take responsibility for my face. As I age, I want to show you acting that naturally fits that age.”

Discussing her family life, Son Ye Jin shared that marriage and motherhood have opened up a completely different world for her. Having spent nearly two years raising her child, she realized that true happiness lies in cherishing everyday moments. Like any other mother, her simple joy comes from seeing her son enjoy his meals. “A peaceful day is a happy day. My values have changed. Although caring for a child is tough, it brings a different kind of happiness. I’m living very happily,” she said.

Son Ye Jin married Hyun Bin in March 2022 and welcomed their son in November of the same year. She reflected, “A lot has happened to me personally over the past two years. It feels like the first chapter of my acting career has ended, and I’m entering the second chapter. This special exhibition at the Bucheon Film Festival gave me a chance to look back at my past. It feels like an opportunity to reorganize and move forward, and I’m grateful for that. I don’t want to set limits for myself anymore. I’m curious to see what kind of acting I can show you.”

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