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Song Hye Kyo believes her true personality is a mystery to most.

After a highly publicized divorce from Song Joong Ki and facing numerous controversies, Song Hye Kyo continues to thrive in the entertainment industry, achieving new milestones in her acting career and garnering numerous prestigious awards.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo graced the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, where she shared insights about her current projects and personal growth. She revealed that she is currently filming “Dark Nuns”, a mystical film about a nun saving a boy’s soul from demonic possession. This project marks her first venture into such a genre, and she is dedicating substantial effort to it.

When asked about her strengths, Song Hye Kyo highlighted her positive thinking, adaptability, and gratitude. “I try to stay positive even in tough situations. I was very shy when I was young, but now I get along well with everyone in any situation. I think that’s a good trait,” she said.

The actress emphasized the importance of appreciating life’s small moments: “I try to be grateful and not take things for granted. I’m thankful for a peaceful day when nothing goes wrong,” she shared.

Song Hye Kyo believes her true personality is a mystery to most. “I don’t think people know my exact character. Only those truly close to me understand it. Even if I try to show it, it doesn’t come out naturally. It’s normal for me, but my friends find it amusing,” she said.

Looking ahead, Song Hye Kyo expressed a desire to explore comedy: “I’ve played many serious roles, so I feel like showing a brighter side of myself.”

Reflecting on her changing style preferences, Song Hye Kyo noted that while she enjoyed having bangs in her youth, her tastes have shifted as she entered her forties. “Bangs don’t suit me anymore. I prefer short hair now,” she remarked.

Her criteria for selecting scripts have evolved as well. “In the past, I only wanted the script to be interesting. Now, no matter how intriguing the script is, the creator behind it is more important. The producer, director, and staff all need to be considered to make the character shine.”

Song Hye Kyo doesn’t make to-do lists but has three wishes: for her mother’s health, to make beautiful memories with her dog Ruby, and to have a smooth career.

Previously, Song Hye Kyo disclosed that she doesn’t feel burdened by aging in front of the camera. It’s a natural process: “I try to look younger than my actual age, but I don’t want to reverse the natural flow of time. Obviously, you have to age, and you can’t stay young forever. In fact, I think I look cooler as I get older, with lighter makeup and simpler clothes,” she said.

Song Hye Kyo’s journey is a testament to her resilience and adaptability, showcasing her ability to reinvent herself both personally and professionally.

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